Brazil Lottery Payments to COB Will Reach Report Stage in 2022

The Lottery Regulation, or Legislation 13 756, specifies that by the conclusion of 2022, the lottery payments to the Brazil Olympic Committee (COB) will get to the history-large level of BRL165 million, or roughly USD29.6 million. It would mean a 10% calendar year-on-calendar year enhance from the 2021 degree.

The levy paid out to the COB is only 1.7% of the overall sales of all federal lotteries in the region. The money will be invested in the sport’s development and planning for the 2024 Olympic Online games in Paris.

The Olympic Committee to undertake new requirements of resources distribution

The Olympic Committee of Brazil has also recently enhanced the criteria by which the lottery funds are dispersed. The variations had been manufactured in the run-up to the 2022/24 Olympic Circle.

From now on, the transfer of the cash will be dependent on thirteen conditions and eleven athletics. 50% of all finances will be despatched to the entities and the other 50 % – to confederations.

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