Can the ANJ Modify Gambling in France for the Improved?

National Gambling Authority posted the very first report of the year. The ANJ begun its lively operate on June 23, 2020.  The primary goal that has been achieved in the course of this 12 months is to constitute the foundation of the new regulation on gambling. Check the newest news on the legislation sector to know much more.

The primary rationale for activating the ANJ as an administrative authority was the requirement of prolonging the approvals of 10 operators. The gambling market place in France required the institutional foundations for the controlled do the job of operators in the nation.

The ANJ’s missions:

  • adoption of the inner rules
  • feeling on advisory commissions
  • renewal of the sanctions committee.

In the course of this 12 months, there were being 17 conferences and 240 decisions made. There’s also the approach for 2021-2023 where 5 strategic vectors will have to be observed. But the key just one of these five is the safety of the participant in the market. The ANJ released a gambling ban company with lowered registration deadlines, strengthening of information actions on social media for young end users.

What the ANJ has performed through this 12 months:

  • responsible gaming motion programs
  • gaming software
  • marketing approaches
  • frames of reference for dependancy
  • anti-money laundering steps.

All of these were in the Pacte legislation and by the ordinance of Oct 2, 2019.

5 jobs for improving upon the gambling industry in France


In January 2021, the ANJ authorized the advertising approaches for operators in France. Operators have to review their promotions approach so the ANJ could impose sanctions if the needs weren’t observed.

There also will be a consultation on the subject matter of adverts.

The collaboration with ARPP will aid to make the limitations for the marketing crystal clear.

Professional bonuses

Analyze the French gambling industry and a comparison with other European markets will enable to understand what is the very best way of supplying bonuses. It must be clear until the stop of this 12 months if the limits or acceptance of the bonuses are essential.

Identifying and supporting issue gamblers

On September 21, there will be a meeting wherever researchers will be speaking about gambling habit. This information will be used as a information for gamblers.
Now the ANJ is finding out what consumers have been complaining about.

Betting restrictions

The ANJ is scheduling to present to make betting limits stricter. If this need is permitted, the authority will be capable to apply managed sanctions to operators that really don’t adhere to the new rule.


Appropriate just before EURO 2020 was commenced, the ANJ had seized the administrative and judicial authorities to start the control of tipsters.

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