WSOP Tournament for the Social Media Influencers Is Formally Announced

World Series of Poker announces the new match named #RoadToTheTable. 14 popular influencers will contend for the legend poker player title. Their names will be introduced on Instagram live this 7 days. Uncover additional news on the GBC Time web site.

The match participants will exhibit their reactions to other opponents unveiled on Instagram reside. And WSOP followers will be capable to see each individual section of the new match as a result of social media.

According to the WSOP’s announcement, the influencers will be from diverse sectors like comedy, gaming, filmmaking, athletics, and so on. In December 2022, they will meet up with every other at the match to compete for the title.

Common Supervisor of WSOP® Guy Ceder said: “We hope that our faithful WSOP® players are excited about this new journey and that they will select up a handful of new poker expertise and methods from our soon-to-be poker legends”

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